Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Good Life!

Life is pretty good when you get a blue sky weekend in Naseby, riding the family friendly tracks with a wee mix of some exciting (leave the chariot with Dad) single track.
Unfortunately that was just one weekend! Now battling a neverending cold, sleepless nights (we are blessed with a wakeful wee boy!), juggling work, parenting, volunteer groups and the general running of life things seem hard.
Hard is relative I know. In fact life is pretty dam easy when I compare our lot to those less fortunate. In fact what am I even complaining about. Looking forward to a holiday up North, possibly seeing my grandparents for the last time and catching up with friends and family. Summer is charging on in in Dunedin and we're loving the days in the garden (cursing the slugs that are eating my brassica's) and on the beach chasing Eli into the surf and dragging him kicking and screaming back out when I can't feel my feet anymore!!! Looking forward to more of it - not the kicking and screaming that is, just the summer! Anna :)

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Leigh Blackall said...

ooooh, your first post! And now I know you're into MTB, I'll start asking your advice on some tracks.

And now I know you have a wakeful wee boy, I'll go easy on you in meetings next time ;)

Looking forward to updates on your work too.