Sunday, March 22, 2009

My current tasks at EDC

Hi all

Things are pretty busy at the moment.  Here is a brief list of what I'm up to:

- Preparing Sustainable practice 1 for it's first class in Term 2
- Developing a workshop for the Staff Development conference on integrating sustainable practice into teaching
- Organising the panel discussion on sustainability in the Polytechnic for the same conference
- Collating a spread sheet of requests for help with Sustainable practice integration into programmes and planning how I (and others if necessary) can meet these requests.
- still chipping away at ideas on Maori and sustainability

Cheers.  anna :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Otago Polytechnic Staff Development conference ideas

From the committee meeting on Wednesday we have agreed to a key note speech from Sam Mann and a panel discussion on sustainable practice issues.

One of the points of discussion was around including general/admin staff in the key note speech. Sam you may have a good idea what to include in your speech to ensure this. Mark Jackson maybe able to advise and as the Sustainable Management Group won't be meeting before this time input from others maybe helpful to Sam.

Following on from this the panel discussion must also include general/admin staff. Mark Jackson is probably best placed to do this. Barry (if he agrees) and I will speak together r.e. integrating sustainable practice into teaching. I have approached Maureen Howard (DCC Sustainable Living programme and Sustainable Dunedin City, Education person) to speak as an outside voice on the OP Sustainability objectives and how they fit into the sustainability in the Dunedin community or something like that. I'd also like to find a student who would talk about sustainability throughout the Polytechnic from their perspective.

Perhaps Sam could also sit on the panel to have input into the answers to any questions, though he would not speak on the panel as he would have just spoken for an hour?

Half day workshops:
- I have proposed to Barry that he and I run a half day workshop (2 1/2 hrs) for academic staff on integrating sustainable practice into teaching. I propose that this includes staff bringing their course outlines, ideas and any resources that already have for Barry and I to work with them individually as well as collectively to get them going on the right track.

- Another half day workshop could be run by Mark Jackson specifically for general/admin staff on operations, including supply chains, department events, admin resources, sourcing, induction etc.

I'd really appreciate feedback on these ideas, including what needs to be or could be covered by Sam in his key note and each panel presenter. If anyone can think of a student who would be suitable that would be helpful. Thanks. Anna :)