Sunday, March 22, 2009

My current tasks at EDC

Hi all

Things are pretty busy at the moment.  Here is a brief list of what I'm up to:

- Preparing Sustainable practice 1 for it's first class in Term 2
- Developing a workshop for the Staff Development conference on integrating sustainable practice into teaching
- Organising the panel discussion on sustainability in the Polytechnic for the same conference
- Collating a spread sheet of requests for help with Sustainable practice integration into programmes and planning how I (and others if necessary) can meet these requests.
- still chipping away at ideas on Maori and sustainability

Cheers.  anna :)


traceys said...

Hi Anna

I have just joined up to follow your blog.

I am also a mum who has followed many aspects of attachment parenting with my two children aged 3 and 7. I was introduced to Liedloff's book by a friend. However this book did not influence my parenting as much as 'The Feeling Child' by Arthur Janov. Every feeling parent should read it.

My daughter (the youngest) never wore nappies from birth at night and only wore nappies during the day between the time she left my arms (around 8 months)and the time she could let me know she needed the toilet (about 12 months). Babies instinctively attempt to communicate when they need to go at night as it is a threat to be lying in a cold wet bed (or in a cold wet nappy). Your son's waking at night is because he needs to wee, and when you breast feed him back to sleep, he will need to wee again soon so wakes up again soon. Try holding him out over a potty beside the bed when he wakes and I bet he will wee. I used to do this several times a night and after a while it became automatic and not too disruptive. My daughter slep beside me on a sheepskin with a thick towel folded on it - just in case!

Looking forward to reading some more of your blogs.

Anna Hughes said...

thanks Tracey

I'll have a look for that book. Sounds good. Yes I have practiced Nappy Free at night with Eli, though mostly with nappies as a back up. However I got to the point of insommia half awake anticipating his need to go. It was pretty hard. Deciding not to feed him at night at about 21 months and having my husband start to help with toileting and getting Eli back to sleep at night helped me get my sleep back. I would be less intense with it at night if I was too do it again. But that's just me. I'm not a great sleeper so struggled with nappy free at night. I would still recommend for those who sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow again!
Eli now pees (in the potty half the time) once a night and is nappy free for the rest of the night after that. It is great! :)