Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Raising a Nappy Free Baby, Natural Infant Hygiene, Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training

You can now find this article at http://wearingyourbaby.co.nz/elimination-communication/


traceys said...

Hi Anna

Your post made me remember a whole lot of things about when my daughter was a baby. She was delivered by her father at home, after a trouble-free pregnancy. I had made special tiny baby sized cloth nappies from old sheets I got from second-hand shops. But at about 2 days old it bacame clear, very clear that she didn't want these. She would cry unexplainedly at times. I soon realised she was crying because she had signalled her need to go wee or poo and I hadn't responded as expected. I did perservere with nappies but couldn't keep up with the 30 or so she used every day as she had to be changed every time. We soon moved to a potty and I spent many hours over the next few months on the couch with her feeding and holding out over the potty. When we were mobile, I carried her in a Tibetan Wrap on my front and then back when she was older. I found it very easy to know when she needed to go just by the way she moved. Having said that I did get a weed on a lot just because I was too slow at times to stop conversation etc and respond.

I would recommend the Tibetan wrap to anyone. The other day I was in a shop with my daughter (now 3.5yrs) and noticed that she was staring at someone. When I looked I saw a lady with a baby in a wrap, the same type and colour that we had used. My amazing daughter remembered it even though she has not seen our wrap for at least a couple of years!


Irma said...

Hey Anna! I am so excited to see your blog and that I now am a follower :-)
Our youngest is now well over 4 years old and it seems like a long time since we held her to wee or poo. I look back on this period as a wonderful, bonding and empowering time... listening to ALL their needs, including toiletting.
I too feel very sad and frustrated about that article in Littlies. I would have really liked a more informed opinion in such a magazine. But apart from all the info around toilet training I am soooo sad that parents are being told how to control their children with praise, stickers and psychological tricks! I really wished the author had based his story around trust, respect and equality. But hey, this is only one persons influence and I am so inspired by all the conscious parents in Dunedin that you have brought together. And I hope that the author of the article will come and visit you one day ~ I might consider coming over for the occassion :-)!!


Wayne Johnson said...

I am the father of a nappy free child and I love it! My relationship with my boy has been enhanced through having to communicate on a deeper level. knowing what i know now i would be disappointed not to have had this experience and am looking forward to doing it again! Good one Anna!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello Anna, I wonder if you would be interested in giving a short presentation about anything to do with sustainability that midwives would find of interest on international day of the midwife:

It could be an Elluminate presentation (see Leigh for help with this if you have not used Elluminate before), or you could do another blog post along the lines of this one. cheers Sarah

Mary said...

Great work Anna!

After reading your blogg I have made a bigger effort over the last few days to meet my childrens' elimination needs. Your an inspiration.


windelfrei said...

Congratulations! The (german) 123-windelfrei-Blog just published a video of Laurie Boucke, in which she explains nappyfree (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToD4gT2yXAQ all english), more to follow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna et al...
Our daughter is now 2 years old, and we did EC from day one, (although the first couple of weeks were a real blur and the potty kicked in really proper about week 4 I think). Anyway... it truly is so natural and right to be in communication with our babies in this way. It is a celebration with them that we value the whole of their 'cycle' - the whole of their life. Precious precious beings they are... and it is wise for we adults to listen .. to all of them.
It has been a pleasure to read your blog, and remember the joy we have had in this zone, off to the side of the mainstream culture, yet centre stage for a sustainable / ecologically intelligent future society!
x Caroline

sarah brightman said...

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