Monday, February 16, 2009

What I'm up to in the Educational Development Centre

Busy, busy. Hence why I haven't posted for a while. What I've got going on at the moment includes the following:
- Development of the Sustainable Practice 1 course for delivery to the Tourism and Travel Yr 2's in Term 2.
- Applying for academic approval of the Education for Sustainability staff development course.
- Development of a lecture and tutorial on sustainability issues for Ko Te Tai Ao - Natural World paper
- On going involvement in the Otago Polytechnic Sustainability Management Group.

When time allows I am attempting to
- develop something on Maori and sustainability
- work with Heather Day on integrating sustainability into the Graduation Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning
- work with Barry Law in supporting departments in integrating sustainability into their curriculum and teaching. Possibly including a resource book for all staff to access resources for teaching sustainability.
- Supporting any lecturers who approach me for help on teaching sustainability.

Cheers, Anna :)


Leigh Blackall said...

What, no links to the websites that are what you're doing? :(

Tell you what.. I'll ride my bike to work every time you blog something PD related ;) Needs to include links and an image.

Here's me riding to work this morning, testing out these camera glasses I've been sent:

Not a very interesting video, but there non-the-less.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Anna, I am currently working with Leigh on the virtual birth unit in Second Life project. I am wanting to get midwifery students (and midwives) to think about sustainability and link that with lesson plans that I am developing for the BU:

Can you recommend any resources or web sites that would be particularly relevent to midwives eg I have already made a note of your blog post about nappy-less babies.

cheers Sarah